• Image of Green Tourmaline ring

● stone measures: 09 mm x 11 mm
● all ring is made from sterling silver
● Because crystals are a natural formations, the one you received will slightly differrent in shade of colors and shapes but every piece is beautiful & unique.
BENEFITS of wearing Tourmaline:
It will help you with amplify your intuitive abilities.
It will also help with the development of clairsentience or the gift of feeling psychically or spiritually.
By allowing you to hear through vein, you may make contact with loved ones on the other side.
It may help you to make contact with your guardian angels or spirit growth..
This stone will strongly aid you to develop psychic gifts.
It will help you to better speak the information that comes to you, from all sources.
It will assitst you generally in clearer communication.
It has the ability to accelerate the development of psychic medium and channelling.


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